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I was controlling my garage door in around 5 min from the time I opened the box. Thank you for creating this solution.
Michael R.

Works as advertised :-)
Thank you.

Just wanted to say thanks and let you know that it worked on my Raynor garage door opener.
Scott T.

I LOVE your product and I would recommend this to my friends.

Thanks again for the quick turnaround.
Marty S.

Oh very nice it activated right away. Thanks for the response, great product.
James B.

Everything works. Thanks! Im very interested to see some of your other products...
Jason S.

This is an awesome app!
Matt T.

Worked great on my Genie garage door! Installation was easy enough and the app works wonderfully. Well worth it!

I love this! Great Job keep up the good work.

Thanks for the awesome app. I live on the 3rd floor and garage has no keypad. No more up and down the stairs for the clicker !

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GarageMate4.0 Opens Your Garage with Your iPhone or Android

GarageMate is trusted in thousands of homes worldwide. It is simple and secure.

Guaranteed to work with all garage door openers built in the last 50 years, including Chamberlain, Genie, Sears Craftsman, AccessMaster, Raynor, Liftmaster (see FAQ), Sommer, Wayne-Dalton, Hormann Promatic, Legacy, MAC-Lift, Avanti Superlift and many, many more.

Just connect the GarageMate Bluetooth® Receiver to your overhead garage door opener. There are only two wires to connect and installation takes under a minute. Comes with simple instructions and photos. Once installed you can then open your garage using the free GarageMate App. Pair up to 8 phones. Your old remotes and wall switch(es) will continue to work.

GarageMate requires Bluetooth4.0® which is standard on newer Androids and iPhones.

Buy GarageMate4.0 for iPhone and Android...

 $49.95 USD
Connect 2 wires and GarageMate is ready for use. Order today and ships next business day from California (international orders click here). 100% Instant money back guarantee. For iPhone4s (and later) and most Androids (read question 4 of the faq regarding Android compatibility) that have Bluetooth4.0®. Please read the FAQ and install GarageMate V4.0 (not V2.1) before ordering.

...or assemble the GarageMate4.0 Receiver yourself.

 $34.95 USD
If you are handy and like to make things, you can purchase this kit and build the GarageMate Receiver yourself. All the parts you need are included in this kit. You just need your own soldering iron and small wire cutters. Estimated assembly time is 30 minutes. Click here for latest the DIY instruction video or click here for our assembly tips page. Order today and ships next business day from Oakland, CA (international orders click here). For iPhones and most Androids that have Bluetooth4.0®. Please read the FAQ and install GarageMate V4.0 (not V2.1) before ordering.

...and add a Wireless Door Sensor

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!  
We will soon release a door sensor that will automatically close your garage door if it has been open for too long. If you also want to monitor or operate your garage over the internet you will need to leave an Android tablet at home and remote-login to that tablet.

If you are modifying the Samsung HM1100 or HM1800...

 Donate / Free
If you are attempting to build your own GarageMate2.1 Receiver using a Samsung HM1100 or HM1800, keep in mind Samsung discontinued those parts in 2012 and 2013. That is why we now use our own Bluetooth4.0® module. Apple didn’t like the Samsung version of the GarageMate2.1 Receiver anyway.

If by some miracle you found an 1100 or 1800, then you can get a license-key for the original version of the GarageMate App by making a donation. After PayPal has processed your payment, click Return to BTmate and you will immediately see your license key on the "Thank You" page.
Thanks for your support. Email us at info@bluemate.com. For customers who place an order, our phone number is included in the confirmation e-mail.

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