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I was controlling my garage door in around 5 min from the time I opened the box. Thank you for creating this solution.
Michael R.

Works as advertised :-)
Thank you.

Just wanted to say thanks and let you know that it worked on my Raynor garage door opener.
Scott T.

I LOVE your product and I would recommend this to my friends.

Thanks again for the quick turnaround.
Marty S.

Oh very nice it activated right away. Thanks for the response, great product.
James B.

Everything works. Thanks! Im very interested to see some of your other products...
Jason S.

This is an awesome app!
Matt T.

Worked great on my Genie garage door! Installation was easy enough and the app works wonderfully. Well worth it!

I love this! Great Job keep up the good work.

Thanks for the awesome app. I live on the 3rd floor and garage has no keypad. No more up and down the stairs for the clicker !

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Q: What prevents others from opening my garage ?

A: A person has to be physically in your garage to pair with the HM1100. This is no different than your current garage door remote.

Q: Some headsets have a default pairing code of 0000. Isn't this a security risk ?

A: The pairing code is irrelevant for this App and on some Smartphones this feature is not even available. That is because there are millions to billions of possible MAC-ID codes that are used for security instead. Every single HM1100 has a unique ID that is impossible to guess. And even if a stranger knew the ID, the HM1100 is not "Discoverable" they way other BT devices are (like your Smartphone if you enable this). It does not send out a radio signal unless you have it in your hands and are initiating pairing which only lasts a few seconds. If a stranger goes up to your garage and hits "Scan for Devices" on their phone they would never see your HM1100 on the list of devices. It really is secure.

Q: Will the GD Mate App drain my Android's battery ?

A: No. The GD Mate App consumes no power when not in use. Even when you use the GD Mate App it consumes virtually no power since use Bluetooth is incredibly power efficient.

Q: Can I use the GD Mate App to open my garage over the internet ?

A: Sean McGrath created a solution that allows you to control your garage door over the internet and monitor whether the garage door is opened or closed. His solution does use the GD Mate App along with other applications. Instructions for this project can be found on www.didicloseit.com

Q: Do I have to buy the GD Mate App ?

A: The GD Mate App is FREE for the first 30 clicks. This allows you to check compatibility with your phone and that you like using the App. The GD Mate App makes the manual process of connecting and disconnecting easier and it also ensures that the HM1100 is always in "paired but not connected". It also give you the option of turning your Android's Bluetooth adapter ON and OFF automatically.

Q: Why is it so important to always be in the "paired but disconnected" state ?

A: The main reason is that if you are not disconnected then the HM1100 may be used for phone audio. If you get a phone call during this time you won't be able to answer it. The GD Mate App ensures that this situation never occurs and allows you to permanently uncheck Android's "use for phone audio" option for the HM1100.

Q: I have multiple garages. Can I use one GD Mate App to control all my garages ?

A: Yes. On the setup page you can quickly change which HM1100 is being controlled by the GD Mate App. The GD Mate App gives you an identifier number so that you can keep track which HM1100 controls which garage. This is very difficult to do without the GD Mate App.

Q: I use a Bluetooth headset to make calls. If I am in the middle of a call can I still use the GD Mate App ?

A: Yes, you can be on a phone call and still use the GD Mate App. It will not interfere with your current phone call.

Q: What is more secure a typical garage door remote or this Bluetooth approach ?

A: The security implementation differs among garage door manufactures. Many garage door openers use a code-hoping approach while Bluetooth uses frequency-hoping. The advantages of the Bluetooth approach is that the radio power is much lower, making it more difficult for someone to capture the radio signal. The other advantage is that you can password protect your phone. Both approaches require new users to be physically inside your garage to initially pair to the opener.

Q: What is the range of HM1100 ?

A: Bluetooth has a range of 10m or 30 feet. You can always extend the wires connecting to the HM1100 to position it near the front of the garage, but we haven't found that necessary.

Q: How do you pair another phone to the HM1100 once it is installed ?

A: Because the HM1100 beeps when pairing to a phone, you should first put something temporarily in front of the electric-eye (the sensor near the base of your garage door). This way the garage door wont start opening and closing during the pairing process. Then you just hold down the HM1100 talk button until the LED turns purple and pair it to your smartphone.

Q: Can I turn off the HM1100 when going on vacation ?

A: Yes. When turning the HM1100 ON and OFF it will beep once causing your garage door to open or close. If you don't want the garage door to open or close during this you should put something temporarily in front of the electric-eye sensor as described above.

Q: How many phones can you pair with the HM1100 ?

A: The official documentation says 2 phones but we paired 4 phones no problem. We stopped trying after 4.

Q: What happens when the HM1100 Battery dies ?

A: If HM1100 accidentally becomes unplugged it will take 5 to 7days before the battery dies. The great feature of the HM1100 is that it dies without beeping when it isn't connected to a phone, meaning it won't open your garage. We have tested numerous units and this was always the case.

Q: How many years is the HM1100 lithium-ion battery usable ?

A: This question is irrelevant since we are powering the HM1100 from the power supply, not the battery. However, we are not sure any data exists to answer this question for the following reason: A lithium-ion battery ages with each charge and discharge cycle. It will also age faster when the battery is not fully charged. Since the HM1100 is always fully charged we expect the battery to be good for at least 5 years.

Q: What other headsets did you evaluate ?

A: Motorola HS820, Motorola H270, Plantronics E210, and Samsung HM1000. Here are the requirements for this application and testing results.

1. Must work normally when plugged in. (Motorola H270 fails)

2. Must beep on connect and/or disconnect (Motorola HS820 fails)

3. Must keep the audio amp on long enough to disconnect (Plantronics E210 fails)

4. Programatically connecting and disconnecting should cause beep(s) (Samsung HM1000 fails)

5. Shouldn't beep for any reason if the HM1100 isn't connected to a phone and not in use. As a precaution, this should include low battery beeps.

6. Should be low cost (under $30), plentiful, and in production.

But even if a unit passes all the above, you must perform extreme condition fail-safe testing. These tests should include prolonged exposure to freezing and above 120F temperatures, high humidity, power failures, etc. For other non-security or non-safety related applications you don't need to be so thorough.

Q: What other garage doors openers did you test ?

A: This project supports Genie, Chamberlain, Liftmaster, and Sears Craftsman, Raynor, Wayne-Dalton, Access Master, and Axis Cam garage door openers. The only garage door openers that presented problems was an old model that requires two quick clicks (instead of one) to close thegarage door. We also had a problem with a unit that had a small computer instead of a wall switch. While the App worked, it kept resetting the date of the computer.

We will present an alternate schematic that uses a relay that is powered by the HM1100 power supply. That design is compatible with any garage door opener.

Q: Will this project void my garage door opener warranty or cause electrical problems?

A: No, the manufacturer of your garage allows you to use a 3rd party wallswitch. The transistor is simply operating as just as your wall switch.

If you are having any malfunctions it may be because you connected the 2222 transistor backwards. Use a volt meter and verify the polarity of the control terminals on your garage door opener.

Q: It seems like I can reverse the wires and everything still works. Does it matter which way I connected the HM1100 to the garage door opener?

Yes it matters. Just because something "works" doesn't mean it is right. It is possible that whoever wired your opener accidentally swapped the white and red (or striped) wires. If you suspect this is the case, disconnect the HM1100 and then check the voltage on your garage door opener control terminals. The voltage will be between 4V to 24V DC. Make sure you connect the red HM1100 to the positive voltage terminal and the black wire to the negative terminal.

If you continue to have problems you may have overheated the 2222A transistor during soldering. Please replace the transistor.

Q: Will this project void my garage door opener warranty or cause electrical problems?

A: No, the manufacturer of your garage allows you to use a 3rd party wallswitch. The transistor is simply operating as just as your wall switch.

If you are having any malfunctions it may be because you connected the 2222 transistor backwards. Use a volt meter and verify the polarity of the control terminals on your garage door opener.

Q: How do I fix Connection Error 01 ? A: This is a rare connection error and we are having trouble reproducing it. The good news is once fixed. It usually does not happen again.

To fix this issue follow these steps.
1) Turn off the HM1100.
2) Goto your Android bluetooth menu and turn Bluetooth ON.
3) Under Bluetooh Devices Hold down (dont click) HM1100 (or its device number). A popup will appear.
4) Choose Unpair from the Popup Menu.
5) On your Android click Home->Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage applications->GD Mate
6) Click Clear Data.
Then re-pair the HM1100 to your Android and restart GD Mate.')");
Q: My application is frozen. Is there a quick fix ?

A: We believe we have fixed the "frozen black screen" issue in V1.2. However, if you experience this, simply goto the Settings Menu of your Android and select Applications. Then select GD Mate from the list of installed Apps and choose the Force stop option. Please e-mail us to report this issue.

Thank you for your support.

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