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I was controlling my garage door in around 5 min from the time I opened the box. Thank you for creating this solution.
Michael R.

Works as advertised :-)
Thank you.

Just wanted to say thanks and let you know that it worked on my Raynor garage door opener.
Scott T.

I LOVE your product and I would recommend this to my friends.

Thanks again for the quick turnaround.
Marty S.

Oh very nice it activated right away. Thanks for the response, great product.
James B.

Everything works. Thanks! Im very interested to see some of your other products...
Jason S.

This is an awesome app!
Matt T.

Worked great on my Genie garage door! Installation was easy enough and the app works wonderfully. Well worth it!

I love this! Great Job keep up the good work.

Thanks for the awesome app. I live on the 3rd floor and garage has no keypad. No more up and down the stairs for the clicker !

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GarageMate FAQ

Q: Is GarageMate compatible with your garage door opener ?

A: GarageMate is compatible with any garage door opener has a typical wall switch/console. Click here for example photos. Even very old Class 2 24-27 VAC models are supported. If you want to be sure, just take the two wires that go to your wall switch and touch them together. If touching them together opens/closes your door then you have a standard wall switch. This excludes some newer garage door openers, like Liftmasters assembled in 2014 or later (look at the back or your unit) that are already offer internet connectivity or have an advanced wall system (e.g., has a screen shows the date and time or temperature).

Note, we do not support commercial garage door openers that have separate open/close/stop buttons.

Ultimately we have thousands of customers worldwide. Compatibility issues are very rare.

Q: What prevents others from opening my garage ?

A: GarageMate now uses Bluetooth4.0®. which offers the best wireless security in the industry. Bluetooth4.0® is much safer than WiFi since it is impossible for someone to open your garage directly over the Internet (see Internet discussion below).

To discuss this issue further, let’s say someone installs the GarageMate App. Let’s say they also looked over your shoulder and know your GarageMate Receiver’ unique passcode. Let’say they EVEN have a copy of all our source code... then they STILL have to be inside your garage to perform initial pairing of their phone to the receiver. It can’t be done from the outside.

Lastly, if a determined guest did enter your garage and paired to your GarageMate Receiver then your GarageMate App will inform you that this happened. You can always delete and track unwanted guests. The same can’t be said for a traditional garage remote control.

Q: Which model iPhones, iPads, and iPods can I use to open my garage with GarageMate ?

A: We support any Apple device with Bluetooth4.0®. This includes iPhone4s, iPhone5’s, iPhone6’s, iPod Touches fifth generation, iPad2 or later, iPad Mins, iPad Air, etc.

Q: What Androids are supported ?

A: GarageMate requires Bluetooth4.0® and Android V4.4 or later. Please help others by writing a review that mentions the phone you are using. We have tested on dozens of Androids and the latest version of our App has shown no compatibility issues, but there are over 1700 Androids models and that makes full testing challenging. We offer an easy return policy if you have any issues.

Q: The Android version of GarageMate has a ’Fast Connect Mode’ feature. Should I enable it ?

A: We recommend to keep Fast Connect Mode turned OFF. We have found it does not improve performance since most connections happen in less than 1 second. It is only there for backwards compatibility and we will be removing it in a future release.

Q: Is GarageMate Open-source? What happens if your company stop supporting GarageMate?

A: The code that lets you open or close your garage is based on publicly known Bluetooth® standards: the Automation I/O Core Service (0x1815) and the Digital Output Core Characteristic (0x2A57). So anyone -- yes you! -- can download the open-source Application Accelerator code from the Bluetooth® SIG and write your own version of the GarageMate App. Just securely pair to the receiver, enter the passcode, and then perform an ENCRYPTED READ of 0x2A57 to open close/open your garage.

Note that Bluetooth4.0® is here to stay. Apple,Google, and Samsung have invested heavily in this technology. It is the future standard (at least 20 years) for the secure Smarthome. The Bluetooth® SIG is got it right by defining standard services and that is why Bluetooth4.0® is the best choice for Smarthome consumers.

Q: What is the benefit of using GarageMate instead of a traditional remotes ?

A: GarageMate enhances security because you can password protect the GarageMate App, Bluetooth4.0® is the industry’s most secure wireless protocol, and because of the advanced security features of most phones. Many home intrusions occur because the owner forgets a garage door remote control in a inside their car where it is easily accessible to thieves. You might not even notice your remote is missing.

There is also a cost savings. One GarageMate receiver can support up to 8 smartphones at price point of one traditional remote control. And there is no need to buy and replace expensive batteries.

Also, we will soon release a wireless door sensor compatible with GarageMate automatically close your garage if it has been open too long.

Finally GarageMate has some advance features like Guest Permissions. if a determined guest did enter your garage and pair the GarageMate Receiver, then your GarageMate App will tell you (just click the info link under the Garage Button). You can always delete and track unwanted guests. The same can’t be said for a traditional garage remote control.

Q: Can I use my Windows Phone or Blackberry to open my garage ?

A: See the open-source discussion above. Although we have not yet coded GarageMate App for Windows or Blackberry, because our receiver is based on Bluetooth4.0® standards any developer could write an App for any platform.

Q: Will my pre-existing garage door remotes continue to work ?

A: Yes, all your existing remotes and wall switch will continue to work normally.

Q: Will my wall switch/control box and key pads continue to work ?

A: Yes, all your existing wall switch and hardware will continue to work normally.

Q: What is the range of GarageMate ?

A: Under most circumstances the range is over 50ft.

Q: Will the GarageMate App drain my smartphone’s battery ?

A: No because GarageMate uses the Low Energy (BLE) protocol of Bluetooth4.0®.

Q: Can I use the GarageMate App to open my garage over the Internet ?

Answer 1: As Sean McGrath demonstrates, it can be done with a little effort. You will need to leave an tablet at home and remote login (VPN) to that tablet. You should use an Android tablet (preferably a Samsung Galaxy Tab) since iPads do not support remote login.

Soon we will release a door sensor so you can monitor if your garage is opened or closed. We realize there is virtually no point in controlling your garage unless you can tell if it is open or closed.

Answer 2: Soon we will release a door sensor that will automatically close your garage door if it has been left open for too long. For most users this eliminates the need to even control your garage over the Internet.

Q: Can GarageMate send me a text message when my garage opens or closes ?

A: We will consider this feature based on customer feedback. Let us know your thoughts. We are leaning towards using Skype Instant Messenger (instead of text) since those messages are free (see the internet related questions above).

Q: Is my data private ?

A: Yes your data is YOUR confidential, personal property. The latest version of GarageMate does not have Internet or Wifi Permissions. There is no way for anyone, including us, to access any of your data remotely.

Q: Are there any subscription or monthly fees ?

A: No. There are no subsciption fees. Our long term vision is that Android tablets will be so cheap that you will just leave one at home. That tablet will become the Smarthome server that can be accessed over the internet if you wish. That eliminates the need to pay us or anyone a monthly fee even if you want remote monitoring. It also eliminates mass security breaches that are made possible by companies that use a centralized internet or cloud-based servers. 

Q: Can I use Siri or NFC tags to open my garage door ?

A: Yes you can open or close your garage by voice or with NFC. Just enable the Auto-click when App starts feature. Then launch GarageMate using Siri or a NFC tasker.

Q: Do I have to pay for the GarageMate App ?

A: No, the latest version of the GarageMate App is free and does not require a license key.

Q: I have more than one garage. Can I use the same GarageMate App to control all my garages ?

A: Yes you can control all of your garages from the same GarageMate App but you will need a GarageMate Receiver for each garage.

Q: Will GarageMate interfere with my Bluetooth® headset, phone calls, speakers, or other Bluetooth® devices ?

A: No interference will ever occur. Bluetooth4.0® was made for this purpose. It supports simultaneous communication with multiple devices.

Q: Can I disable GarageMate when I go on vacation ?

A: Yes. Under the security menu choose Enable vacation mode. You will also need to set the vacation mode switch on your wall switch if it has one.

Q: How many Androids and iPhones can you pair to the GarageMate Receiver ?

A: Eight (8) Androids and iOS devices total can be paired to one GarageMate Receiver.

Q: Will GarageMate void my garage door opener’s warranty ?

A: GarageMate will not void your warranty. All manufacturer of your garage allows you to use a 3rd party wallswitch. The GarageMate Receiver operates just like a wall switch. It does not source current or apply a voltage.

Q: My application is frozen. Is there a quick fix ?

A: We believe this issue no longer exists. However, if you experience this, simply goto the Settings Menu of your Android and select Applications. Then select GarageMate from the list of All Apps. Then choose the Force stop option. Please e-mail us to report this issue.

Q: How do I fix Connection Error 01 ?

A: This is a rare issue that occurred with some GarageMate Receivers (series HM1100) shipped prior to July 2013. To fix this issue follow these steps. 1) Turn off the receiver. 2) Under Bluetooth® Devices Hold down (don’t click) HM1100 (or its device number). A popup will appear. 4) Choose Unpair from the Popup Menu. 5) On your Android click Home->Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage applications->GD Mate 6) Click Clear Data. Then re-pair the HM1100 to your Android and restart GarageMate.

Q: Do you still support the older version of the GarageMate/GDmate based on a modified Samsung HM1100 or HM1800 ?

A: Yes, we do. We still have the older version of the GarageMate App in the Google Play market and we are in the process of integrating that code into the latest version of the Android GarageMate App. This way you can control your old and new receivers with the same App.

Thanks for reading. Have questions or want more info? e-mail info@bluemate.com. Note to customers, our phone number is included in your order confirmation e-mail. Thanks again.

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